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Quick Thoughts

1st of April, ’21. Feeling so happy and motivated today. How you start your day really makes a difference! I read this many time but I also experience it now. Yesterday I did not know why I felt all day nothing works, was just everything falling apart. Before going to bed last night, I set my alarm clock 30 mins before I usually wake up, to make sure I will start the day with one of my morning routine at least. I got up and started with my gratitude journal; giving thanks in advance I am going to fix everything not worked yesterday and WILL have an amazing day! Things started to work…one after one I fixed the problems from yesterday at work, I even managed to complete all tasks I scheduled myself, without any failure. Got some great news from an old and a new friend. I could choose to have an other “miserable” day but I decided to have a successful one. All just a matter of decision and how you start the day!

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