The Hungarian Authentic a.k.a Humble, Unique, Authentic


My name is Zoltan, my friends often call me Zollie or Zoli. It`s been a long time since I planned writing a blog but negative self talk is my enemy too, always found a reason why not to start it. Until now…

“You need to remember that your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves.” -Robin Sharma, The 5am Club.

If you don`t know me, let me introduce you Zolllie – how I know myself. He is a kind, friendly, caring, loyal, outgoing, honest, humble and motivated guy, who loves adventures in life. Kindness and Time are the most valued things in his life. A human being, who cares about people, environment and animals. He is often too strict to himself, not allowing to make mistakes but he is working on self-love and being more kind to himself too. He is becoming self-aware, reading books, self-help books are his favourites. His favourite motivational speakers and writers are Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Dr. Joe Dispenza and recently Jen Sincero. He loves all kind of music but mostly pop and old-fashioned rock, sometimes classical music too. Loves travelling and works while travelling the world. He is very kind and caring to his family and friends, loves having meaningful conversations about anything. He has a loving wife for 15 years and a 6 years old Bichon Bolognese dog. They travel with him everywhere. He speaks/writes in English and Hungarian, currently learning Spanish. At his job, documenting is one of his strength, so applying this skill now in his personal life by writing a blog.

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