The Hungarian Authentic a.k.a Humble, Unique, Authentic

Schedule a Consultation or Contact Me

Paid consultation: Book a consultation (First 30 minutes is $50, then every 30 minutes is $40). I can help you with

  • general taxation topics (mostly in the UK and in the EU)
  • moving your tax residency outside the EU
  • how to start a digital nomad life from an employment (bank account, insurance, tips, sharing experiences)
  • setting up a remote company in the European Union
  • working in the EU and in the UK as a freelancer
  • working as a freelancer IT software engineer; how to quit your permanent job and start working for yourself (how to multiply your income)
  • Consulting in IT; how to start, what to study/work, finding clients
  • how to motivate yourself (talking through your daily life and a plan to start doing something with it)

“Meet with the author”: For free we can have a video call about veganism, traveling, reading or about a post that triggered some thoughts in you. Happy to answer for questions, discuss topics. I am always happy to get know my readers.

With anything else: please contact me here by completing this form.

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