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Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

The Ultimate Essence by Hunthentic

Disclaimer: this post is about an approximately 18 hours long seminar in 14 minutes, without the intention of sharing the full course content. It will not replace the experience of watching the recording, or attending on UPW.

In the beginning of the year I have seen on social media an advertisement about a free seminar by Tony Robbins, whose work is not new to me. In 2018 I attended first time in my life on Tony’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) live seminar, in London. Then, on the Become Unshakeable Challenge in 2021, which was one of his first online seminar of its kind.

This year, I felt, I must attend on the Become Unshakeable Challenge again, in the intention of this event will boost my mood, raise my energy. My ego said, I know already “everything” and I am just “broken”. This makes not much sense because if I know everything, how come I am broken, right? It turned out, this challenge came the right time again, just like in the end of 2017 when I felt lost, like nowadays.

Only now realised, when I first attended on UPW, I was not ready, my ears  and my heart were closed and fortified around with walls. I wanted to have but I did not have a breakthrough in my identity and in my belief about many things. All information was a bit overwhelming for someone like me, who just started the self-development journey. However, just by attending on UPW changed my life. The energy I got there lasted for about a good two years and I managed to create some lasting changes in my life (new businesses, nomad life, living freely or this Blog). After attending this Unshakable Challenge the second time, it was like when you get a translator for a foreign language and suddenly you understand every sentence. Appears, I needed this 4 years of self-development, daily mindful practices to open up.

As teaching/sharing helps wiring in the information, I have decided to write a shortest as possible summary of this 6 days seminar I attended on a week ago. As Tony says: “Repetition is the mother of mastery”. This post does not replace the experience of watching the seminar or going to UPW. I definitely recommend you to watch the recording on Youtube on the below links if these thoughts resonate with you.

“Life is a Dance of what you desire the most and what you fear the most.”

The Seminar highlighted and suggested, there is no reason for panic. The situations in the World today is not chaos, it is just an occurrence in a pattern: Winter-time. It is up to you how to use this period. You can follow news and keep yourself in fear daily. Or, use this season to build muscle. Remind yourself, after winter comes spring, right? This season is our chance to become strong, so it will be easy to succeed in spring and summer time. Fall/Autumn will be the time of reaping the reward!

If you follow Robert Kiyosaki, he always suggests, when there is an economic crisis, that is the best time to invest instead of selling in panic. Then sell in summer time, when the economy is booming again. It is also important to remind ourselves, without a bright future, people give up, we must not live a day without seeing a promising future. If you have ever read Nazi death-camp survivor’s books (I love Edith Eger’s books), they often write about, those who gave up life without seeing a hope to live freely again, died. Those captives, who could keep the light of a free future, they survived.

Recently, I was complaining daily about I am feeling so tired, having such low-energy, having no energy. I did not know how to regenerate my energy – used the 2-3 hours coffee-rush daily to be productive. Then we learnt that energy doesn’t come from food, sleep (or coffee), those are sources of energy. Energy really is a habit and we have to develop that. Energy is essence of life. You have to increase your Energy what you can do easily with movement and voice. Emotion is created by motion. The way we move, breathe use our voice changes our energy, changes biochemistry.

Hero pose – any time of the day for 2 minutes

Try the Hero pose (stand up and put your hands on the hips and breathe) for 2 minutes: you can experience 20% testosterone increase, stress level decrease by 25%, risk tolerance increases by 33%.

How to look after your energy: don’t be cruel with yourself if something does not go how you wanted (I so often do it) – it lowers your energy and you do not get the insights and truths. Awaken your nervous system to reprogram it. It takes energy to create what you really want. Sometimes the mind gets in the way of energy but if you keep demanding it, you’ll develop that habit. When you feel low, put in your favourite music and move your body, dance, celebrate. The key is to break the pattern of feeling low-energy. Sometimes a cold water shower does the trick, sometimes a motivational video, a book or doing some push-ups. You must try out what works the best for you. You can also try practicing asstitude. Feeling energetic is a habit we must develop.

What is Breakthrough? It’s a moment in time when everything changes, when the impossible becomes possible. Have you had a breakthrough recently? Something happened that time, what pushed you over the edge and you decided to change. What was it?  A breakthrough can be triggered by a situation, conversation, reading a book. There was a moment where you said: Enough of this! What made it a must to change? When it’s a must, then you will find the way. The reason I did not have a breakthrough at UPW because I did not arrive there with such problems which hurt and makes me feel I have enough – I was generally ok, so I did not feel I must change a lot. My ego told me, I am good as I am. I needed four years of working on myself to beat my ego and acknowledge, actually there IS plenty of room for improvement in my life.

If you want to have a Breakthrough, focus on these 3 areas: be conscious about your State. Put yourself into the right state, where you feel energetic, positive and happy. The next is the Story you tell yourself day by day. Change your story and you will change your life. Remind yourself; LIFE is not happening to me, but for me. Our belief is the glue that hold us to our limitations or our stories. We experience life by what we focus on = story. When you change the belief and the stories you have been telling yourself, you shift your STATE, therefore sift your identity.  What story are you telling yourself? What do you believe about YOU? Beliefs create and destroy. The third key to breakthrough is the Strategy. This is the How. Do not fall into the Tyranny of the How, just start taking the first step and the how will unfold for you. Being Unshakable doesn’t mean that you don’t have fear, it means you use courage. “I am scared to death, but I still do it!”

This context, philosophy  was very interesting:  “Good times create weak people. Weak people create bad times. Bad times create strong people. Strong people create good times.” The World we live in today is a legacy by the generation who survived World War I and II. Those people were tough and they created good times. They were followed by a generation who became weaker, “softer” and created bad times, what we live in now. These bad times now makes us stronger again and it is on us to create good times again.

Five to Thrive – Key areas what you master, your inner state becomes unshakable. 

  1. Physiology: means the way you use your body (how you move, breathe, gesture, voice).
  2. Focus: Focus = Feeling. You have to control what you focus on.
  3. Language: The meaning we give things created what we feel, our emotions. Our emotions control what we do and therefore creates our life.
  4. Compelling Future: An exciting tomorrow = can deal with suffering (when we know, the suffering will end).
  5. Identity: the most powerful force in your life.

Because Money matters a lot in our life, Day Three was all about business and money. If you want to do well financially, you have to do more for others than anyone else, you have to be the best in what you do. Master your skill, work harder on yourself than anybody else and make the biggest investment in yourself. Learn new skills and develop existing ones. Be better than anyone else in your field and give the highest value! Invest time and energy to consistently better yourself. Have total immersion in what you want to learn and do. That means, putting in as many hours as you can in what you want to learn until you feel in your body, and until it really sticks! Business is a Spiritual game, where you do more for other, and bring the highest value for others than yourself.

We are NOT equal in the marketplace: if we do more than anyone else around us, we are more valued and will never run out of business or customers.

When establishing your Business, first answer for these questions to start right:

  • Who is your ideal clients? (somebody who loves your service/product) 
  • What is your irresistible offer? (Should be a no brainer)
  • Underpromise and over-deliver? (Give something unexpected, create raving fans)

Decide what the outcome would be of your business, don’t worry about the how. The time is NOW, time to make your business idea happen. Self-doubt kills more dreams than anything else. If you turn down the volume of self-doubt and turn up the volume of self-believe, think about what can happen!

Once you can afford and your business is going well, hire your weakness: people who are good at what you are not good at. Start small, think big, scale quickly!

What makes you cry? What makes you feel sad and emotional? Do you know the solution for this problem but you cannot see anyone around you offering it as a service? That might be your business idea! 

Take a percentage of your income and invest it monthly until the income from the interest on that gives you enough money to do everything you need to do in your life. You have to create a “money making machine”

Relationship – I was so looking forward this day of the seminar. While I was working along with my wife to fix ongoing issues in our marriage, I sometimes just felt lost in the frustrations we experience. Often we play the blame-on game. I then learnt, when it comes to relationship, there is no 50 / 50, it is 100% my responsibility to make it work! You must a have strong enough reason to save a relationship. Your reasons come first and then the answers or the how come second. The state of your relationship is the state you bring to it. If you are in low energy state, don’t expect to have a high energy relationship! Two low energy people have a low state relationship. So my job, your job first to work on your state, bring yourself to a GOOD state whenever you can. 

Taking notes, taking all information in.

What makes a relationship work? Having things in common. This means having your purpose values and goals in common. If you want a great relationship, you bring something to it, you find ways to make things happen. Expectations destroys relationships but appreciation leads to love and passion. Change your approach and it will change the other person’s reaction too. What I do, affects you and it affects me.

How to to end an argument or not to start at all?  You can only argue if you communicate something that is arguable. Makes sence, right? First get into a good emotional STATE before you start going into an argument. With negative emotional state the result will be negative. Think a moment, is this topic arguable? If you think it is, then end an argument with the S.E.W. model (Sensation-Emotion-Want). Ask, “what do you feel in more detail, where in your body?” Then next, ask, “what emotion do you feel”?  Lastly ask, “what can I do to make you feel better, what do you want”? This requires a lot of effort and consciousness, however your partner will feel appreciated and cared for, and the argument will not end up in frustrations, shouting and hurting each other. You will gain knowledge during the process how your loved one feels. Learn to fill your cup and know what fills your cup, and learn this about your partner so you know how to take care of each other and support each other.

On Integration day we learnt about the 5 things you need to apply in your life NOW in order to make an impact.

#1 Get clear on what you really want and where you really are.

Find out the gaps and know exactly what you want in each area of your life. 

#2 Crush, destroy, annihilate and replace any story of limitation to a Story of Success.

Your story has to change. A story is a belief. If you ever find yourself saying you can’t do something then you MUST do it and take action immediately, even if you don’t now how and even if you don’t think it is possible. You have to develop a habit to make it a MUST.

Destroy the 3Ps

1) Thinking a problem is Pervasive (just because one area in our life is not perfect, we often think our whole life is horrible).

2) Thinking a problem is Permanent (Everything eventually changes and something new begin!).

3) Thinking a problem is Personal (“I am not good enough.” “This is because of me.” thoughts)

#3 Watch your TV – Transformational Vocabulary. In other words: your language! Watch your language as it creates meaning: some words you use lift you and some words drag you down. The words you attach to your experience become your experience. The habitual words are the ones that are controlling you.

Be aware of this! A belief is a set of words we say to ourselves over and over until we believe it! Your words create your biochemistry. The words that you link to the experiences in your life becomes your experiences. and change your biochemistry. Therefore you change your words and vocabulary, you will change your life!

#4 Take massive Action! If you don’t like something, you have the power to change anything! Train yourself to take action over and over again and once your train yourself you are going to get Momentum. It is better to take action and go in the wrong direction because you will still learn something rather than not take any action at all. When you decide to do something at a peak state you need to get started, you need to do something that gets you to follow through later on.

#5 Give more than you expect to receive. If you want to have an extraordinary life and you want life on your terms, GIVE much more than you ever dream. When you are feeling rough, the most powerful thing you can do is GIVE to somebody who is going through a lot worse than you. The secret to Living is Giving.

“Trying will not get you what you want, you need to take massive action and persistence. Never leave the site of a goal without taking some form of action towards its attainment. “

We were lucky to get an extra, Bonus Day this year. Tony really knows how to overdeliver and give.  

Until now, we discussed what things (patterns) we can change in our life. Here are the 5 Things we cannot change in our life. If you take in these 5 beliefs you won’t struck by pain in life. Adopt these beliefs. 

  1. Everything changes and everything comes to an end (end of something is a new beginning)
  2. Things don’t always go according to plan (create a new plan when your old plan doesn’t work as expected)
  3. Life is not always fair (Life will be fair in the long term but not always in the short time)
  4. Pain is part of Life (but suffering is a choice). The more you tell yourself a story about your suffering, the more hypnotised you are with. Use the pain, let it drive you.
  5. People are not always loving and loyal all the time

Suffering is never in the facts, it is always in our perception of the facts.

Now we know a lot of things but how can we wire in, master the information we just gained?

3 levels of Mastery

  1. Cognitive Mastery: understanding it (knowing is not enough a new skill)
  2. Emotional Mastery: feel it (you link emotional attachment)
  3. Physical Master: doing it, consistently. (it becomes your identity)


This seminar answered to my concerns about my descending energy level, now I understand that I can any time raise my energy with moving my body and how I use voice, language. I must break the pattern of feeling low. I use cold water shower in the morning to wash-off the morning sluggishness. When I feel, I am going into a low-energy state, I catch the pattern and listening to my favourite DJs on Youtube or doing some push-ups or going out for a walk. I love my raising desk in my home office – when feeling I sat enough and started to lose focus or motivation, I stand up and my favourite music and some dance movement brings back the life to me – feeling energetic again. In business, I feel -again- motivated to start looking into my current crypto investments, looking into buying some Apple shares. I want to have more regular savings again what if I accumulate enough, the interest I gain on it will generate some passive income.

In the relationship, I understand that I must stop the blame on game, it is my full responsibility to look after my marriage the best as I can. The S.E.W. model is something I want to apply when we go into an argument and with practice it can be wired in easily. How about starting an argument with a hug? When we start arguing, I just build quickly walls around me – what about if I don’t start building that wall? I must be careful with what labels I attach to my wife, avoid using any negative ones. I must stop using labels are “you are the boss and I am a victim”, “you are always frustrated about something”, “you shout always” etc. I must change Expectation in my marriage to appreciation.

I am now aware of we are in “winter time” and after every difficult season a better time comes. I use this time to learn, improve, get healthier physically and stronger mentally. Once this winter season is over, my time comes to shine and rise with full of my potential. I would love to resume my digital nomad lifestyle, work on interesting projects from anywhere in the World. I must start dreaming about my new, compelling future instead of just living day by day and feeling sad about what I lost. I must change my identity to become a person who loves adventures, resilient, strong, motivated and high-energy. I must bring in playfulness to my life. I lost this identity last year. I must change my relationship with rejection and failure.

So much more resonates with me after this siminar and I am now fully committed to read the course notes over and over, become the master of the gained information. I am almost sure, in 2018, UPW was not the last for me and will attend on it soon again.


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