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Miracle and Paying It Forward

Miracle and Paying It Forward

Miracles happen to those who believe in them...

Do you believe in miracles? Isn’t our own existence a miracle? The 37.2 trillion cells in our body and in every second this body produces 25 million new cells. There is over 60.000 miles (96.000 km) long arteries and veins inside us. The fastest speed for information to pass between neurons in our brain is about 250 mph (402 kmh). Incredible! How perfect the nature, all living creatures around us in this planet. I can continue this list about miracles surrounding us but in this post, I am writing about every day miracles and highlighting some very special ones happened with me. Also, writing about how you can multiple miracles in your life by paying it forward.

I can see miracles almost every single day. I do not know what force is creating these miracles; whether my guardian angels, God or gods, or some other universal source but I feel, something is protecting me, caring about my wellbeing. Miracle does happen wherever I am in the World. Do you know the feeling when you just avoided a very serious car accident? When you notice -milliseconds later- that you just been “lucky” and avoided a collision – you had no control over of it, something else helped in that situation. Few days ago, I was busy in my mind and while crossed a busy road, did not notice a car coming from my left with high speed. Only the moment later I realised, our life depended on a matter of milliseconds. Every single time such event happens, I say “Thank you” three times to practice gratitude. I thank as well when meeting with an ambulance car on the road and feeling grateful I am not in that car. Keeping your gratitude on a high level attracts more positive outcome in your life.

“Miracles happen every day. They bubble up from their hidden source, surround us with opportunities and disappear.”

Deepak Chopra

You can see miracle in the form of abundance as well. In a form of a new friend who brings you a new opportunity, in a new book that brings you money by applying what you learn from it, or in a form of cash you find on the street…

15 years ago, my wife and I decided to start a new life in England. First we lived in shared accommodations, lived with 6-8 people in the same house. As soon as I got a better job, we moved to our first rented apartment. The beginning was very difficult – we did not have savings, had to pay first month rent and deposit in one go, also had to survive the first 1.5 month without salary. Probably such beginning has in everybody’s life, we were not exceptions. I remember how desperately walked to the banks every single day begging for some credit. I only asked £500 but I always got rejected. I had nobody to ask money from, we were on our own. The next month’s rent was due and my first salary was still 2 weeks ahead. At that time, I was not a self-aware person, did not know about abundance manifestation, miracles, law of attraction – any of that. My behaviour were controlled by my emotions; fear, panic and anxiety. The night before the next rent was due to be paid, I walked on a dark street with my wife hopeless, feeling broke. Then a Miracle happened, that changed everything.

With my head down, walked on the dark street, in the middle of the road on a residential area. On two side of the road there were cars parked. I was busy in my mind; full with worrying thoughts – how am I going to pay £400 tomorrow to our landlord?! I noticed a piece of paper flying out from one of the car…when I got closer, noticed, it is a £20 banknote! How lucky I am! – I thought. As I picked it up, we walked towards to the end of the street. Then we started seeing £20 bank notes under every cars. We could not believe to our own eyes! We started picking up the notes and my pockets were full until we reached our new home. We started counting…£20-£100-£200….£300…£400! We were so happy. (Note: obviously, if we could find a purse with the details of the owner, we would have hand it over to the police. But we could not see any purse, only bank notes all around the street. So we took the money as granted). Next day we paid the rent and we relieved. Until this time I always considered myself as an unlucky person. This changed after this event. 

I don’t know is it just me but since my business partner cheated out 35k Euros from me (in 2018-2019), I read the same stories from many entrepreneur and successful people. The same event happened with them once or twice in their life with their business partners. Is this unavoidable? At that stage of my life, I was full with anger, did not understand how such event can happen. I needed to pay tax bills, I had some debt and my consulting business paused. How am I getting out of this situation the best? It was a very difficult few weeks.  For my wife’s motivation I started reading and practicing the book called “Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I so wanted to believe and so wanted some Magic to happen. I completed the daily challenge and by the end of the book, not one but two solutions were offered by the higher forces! I managed to get a permanent contract ready to be signed, in Switzerland. Also, at the place where I last consulted, I had a lunch once with a fellow consultant. He heard about my story and he offered a partnership. This came as a real surprise. I knew, he is trustworthy and well known by many leaders, so I said, yes, let’s give it a go (and canceled my plans working in Switzerland). This partnership brought me 70k extra profit after the first year, double what I lost. Plus, I had a much simpler contract, better work condition, zero stress about finances, started a digital nomad life. This is what I call a Magic, a real Miracle. If I continue staying with my previous business partner this opportunity may have never arisen…Later, I replaced the hateful thoughts to thankful thoughts and accepted, I needed to lose 35k in order to gain 70k and much more!

“Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never even have imagined. The coincidences or little miracles that happen every day of your life are hints that the universe has much bigger plans for you than you ever dreamed of for yourself.”

Deepak Chopra

Since I am more self-aware, I read the Secret book series, completed Deepak Chopra’s Abundance challenge twice,  and being more conscious about what is happening around me. I notice more miracle, almost every week, sometimes every day. Kindness is one of my most priority value in my life now and when an abundant miracle reaches me, I am paying it forward. Paying it forward means, when you receive a miracle, a gift or magic from something or somebody, you respond by forwarding it to someone else. I believe in that such action multiplies the miracle.

Few months ago out of nowhere, I got a call. My expertise was needed by the government of a small but wealthy country in Asia. They needed my experience about operating my businesses in Europe, how I started, how they can apply the same business model in their country for people like me. For me, this assignment was a real privilege and fun sharing my experiences and knowledge. They were so happy for the information they got, I earned $250 for an hour consultation. Seems being in-the-know is profitable! Around this time, my friend was in a deep financial trouble in Sri Lanka. They had to move apartment with two children and with 0 savings. They had only days left until they end up on the streets. I have decided to pay this money forward to my friend’s account. They now have their rent paid until the end of the year and they stay in an apartment that is more comfortable. This is a nice example, how you can turn your own miracle into someone else’s miracle. The money has fallen to my account now helped to have roof above a family of four. An abundant miracle may mean for you a nice reward, you can spend it on buying a new TV or you can use it to generate an even bigger Miracle in someone else’s life. Your choice.

The most recent example of paying forward – and why I decided to write this post- is from yesterday. Last night, we went to the cinema to watch the latest Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder (we are big Marvel fans). Coming out from the cinema, visited the gent’s toilet and entering, there was a £10 bank note on the floor. There was nobody around. I picked it up and decided, tomorrow morning I will think about whose account I deposit this money. I have decided to choose my friend, Nira, who I know, would certainly benefit from the money as she is a single mum and without work. I knew, this is not much but hoped I made the right decision and “every little helps”. Look at the message I got soon after the money arrived to her account. Luckily, I am not much in a need of a spare £10, while £10 for people somewhere else in the World would mean an other day to survive or as a funding to continue studies. Be wise where and how you spend your money!

A lovely message I got today morning. See what magic £10 can make in someone else’s life! “Zollie: Yes, this -money- I found last night on the street (toilet :-)). and I deposited it to your account. Nira: Thank you so much. This is a miracle. Tomorrow my daughter will Rs. 3000 required to pay. I was wondering what to do. You are my saviour.”

I would encourage you to keep your eyes open, every day in your life. Notice Miracles and when you are in a need of that certain given miracle, accept it and use it for good. When you are not in a need of that, pay it forward to somebody around you, who may benefit from it much more than you would. Show kindness and compassion – it really matters in our World. Your single act can touch multiple lives. Imagine if Nira now start paying forward as well and the story continues…what impact you can make in the World with £10!

Could you please inspire me and the readers with your own stories of Miracles in your life? Please comment below! I would love to read more of these stories. 

P.s. my birthday is approaching on the 30th of July. If you think this post or any other previous ones motivated you or gave any value, please make some donation using this link. Then I can pay this donation forward to my chosen families in need. Thank you. Namaste!

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Fathima Kifa

Woow..😍❤️.What a great piece of writing. I was in love with your writings since I started to read your blog posts and this post of urs is awesome. Having a friend who stands by you through your darkest hours is something to be grateful for.Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much for being there for me through thick and thin.
When I thought I couldn’t go on any longer, you gave me the strength I needed to keep moving forward. You always stood beside me pushing me forward whenever I didn’t have any hope or confidence about myself.Your positivity and kindness have made an unbearable time a little bit better.Thank you for sharing your light with all those who read this post to bring out a change atleast from one person. Not only with money but also we can help someone who is isolated and no one to share their worries by listening to their stories,having positive conversations to change/bring back their lost smile or to help them find where they lost actually.Miracles can happen at anytime in any place when we do something good without expecting anything in return.
Your words of encouragement inspired me alot in most of my difficult times I had. You’ll never know how much your help meant to me. You are a true friend and I am so grateful to have you in my life and so incredibly lucky to call you my friend.

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