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Dear reader, thank you for following my blog! As the community of readers is rapidly growing, recently I have received e-mails about using the site. Sharing now some features and where to find them. These features you can use to donate, engage and follow up.


The blog is non-profit (free source of knowledge) but it is possible to give a small donation if you would like thank me for the dedicated work I put monthly into the site. 100% of the donation goes to my chosen families in need (in Sri Lanka). $25 would allow a family in Sri Lanka to purchase a weekly supply of groceries, including fruits and vegetables! If you can afford to donate the price of 1-2 or even 5 coffees, please do so. We can help more families together to save from starvation and allow their children to start their studies. Thank you.

Using the Donation button


If you use the Subscribe button, you get an e-mail as soon as a new post is live. You can read the new post in your mail or there is a link that is directing you to the post. A very effective way to get notified as soon as a new post is on the blog.

Using the Subscribe button

Join to Hunthentic Club on Facebook

You like the content of my blog? Interested about traveling, living free, consider yourself conscious? Imagine, thousands of readers here have similar interest! So let’s connect, talk about interesting topics, discuss mindset, lifestyle or residency related questions. Let’s grow a community.

Link to my Facebook and Instagram Pages


The Blog has a feature to choose between many language. If difficult for you reading in English, please try and find your native language from the drop-down list.

Select your own language


There is an option for you to write a comment under every posts or by clicking on the green chat icon. It can be anonymous and would love to hear from you!

Comment feature

Chat with me on Telegram

I have recently added a Telegram widget, so by clicking on it, you can directly message me. Ask any questions, happy to answer.

Message me on Telegram

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