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Starting 2022 Strong

Starting 2022 Strong

On a recent Wim Hof online workshop

As we are slowly progressing towards February, I am sharing with you some details about what I do daily to keep my mind and body fit; how I can operate on a level of Excellence. During my morning exercises I feel like switching into a “Beast Mode” and I love it! Giving a solid foundation for the day.

I am not a fan of new year resolutions however I do like the idea that the beginning of a new year is a good time to reset/restart/renew. Some new daily habits I started adding in November ’21, so I entered to 2022 with a routine, that is already became the part of my every days. I must work on my early rising, nowadays I wake up at 6:30, so by 9 I am ready for working. However the ideal would be rising at 5 or 5:30.

I already had a pretty solid daily routine in 2021;

  • Yoga in 20-40 mins in the morning (using the Daily Yoga app)
  • “Wim Hof” cold shower (1-5 mins)
  • Followed by a daily gratitude journal (writing down 5-10 grateful sentences about things I am happy about in the given morning)
  • For breakfast a fruit-vegetable shake (usually with a combination of banana, kiwi, apple, celeri, Vegan Proten Blend, blueberry, grounded flex seed and peanut butter)
  • Learning Spanish in 15-30 mins (using the DuoLingo app. Follow me there @bigzolee2)
  • Reading min 30-60 mins daily

Since last November, the full list is:

  • Practicing “Wim Hof” breathing technique first thing in the morning by an opened window (Beginner – in the first 1-2 months, then Intermediate ). Beginner takes 10 mins, Intermediate 20 mins. Better than meditation, very powerful!
  • Followed by my DailyYoga (~20 mins)
  • Workout with my Chest Expander for 20 mins, combined with sit-ups. Watch his video for the chest expander excercise at home. In the background I listen to a Motiversity video. Each video contains a collection of motivation speeches and giving an extra boost
  • Wim Hof cold shower (1-5 mins)
  • Daily gratitude journal with my coffee
  • My healthy fruit-veg shake
  • Learning German with Duo and with a coffee (Once finished, usually I am ready to start working)
  • Sometime during the day learning Spanish with Duo
  • Reading min 30-60 mins daily
  • Learning about a new skill in my profession or about our new house refurbishment project
  • Walking daily (target is 10k steps, but happy 5k as well)

Of course, there are some days, when traveling all day or I am not feeling well due to for example an operation. But I try not to find any excuses and get most of these to-dos done. So I already have a feeling of success.

Guys, if you have not heard about Wim Hof yet, start researching! On Youtube he has many videos, also he has published his own book. His breathing technique and cold training is a game changer, forget being ill again!

In the recent years I have tried so many things including in my daily routine. Really, you must try out different exercises, practices and just do what your body and mind feels right and accomplishable. However, I am hoping you found some inspiration from what I shared. Let`s make this year epic despite the pandemic and Global situations. Your well-being is now even more important.

I am interested knowing your daily routine that works the best for you. Please comment yours. Thank you.

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