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21 Lessons 2021 taught me

21 Lessons 2021 taught me

My Vision Board for 2022

Reaching the last hours of 2021, I wanted to take the opportunity to spend some time on reflecting what I learnt this year. I have my new Vision board ready, I have my new, improved daily routine ready and tested for 2022! I am closing this year super strong and looking forward being mentally and physically extremely fit in the New Year. Here I am coming with 21 BIG lessons I learn this year.

  1. I was my best in this year in charitable donations; helping financially those needed the most. I learnt, even if you can afford to help One person to survive, it is enough to make a difference in the World. I managed to support continuously two families and I am very grateful for the abundance that I could afford that. I also supported charity organisations and family members. Giving back boosts your mood and attracting more abundance. Imagine, if every person in the World would just help to one other person! Apart from financially supporting, I created a small group with friends where we meditated together, shared two programs (about Abundance and one about Uncertainty) what I really enjoyed. This was a super way to give and costs no money but something more valuable than money; my time and dedication to serve others I care for.
  2. Listen. This is a skill I must improve. Instead of always thinking in a conversation what to say next, just be present and listen to the person. Your Ego might be loud in your mind but calm it down just focus on what the other person says. Put away your mobile phone while talking with other people, do not allow any distraction. Your partner in the conversation will value this attention very much.
  3. Trust the Universe! As I mentioned already in a previous post about trusting the Universe, I would like to highlight the importance of this fact. Even if things do not go the way how you want, step back and focus on what other possibilities this event brings to you. Everything happens for a reason. The Universe does not work based on a Wishlist but based on what is Best for you.
  4. Never stop learning, developing yourself. When you are on the TOP, do not sit back! Keep moving forward, even on the Top! You may just need a small push to move forward. Easy to fall back when you do nothing and from that stage it would take a huge effort to reach the Top again! Always remember for this when you are on the Top.
  5. Our mind is programmed to always look for possibilities of danger. Then we start feeling anxious about things may will never happen! Oh, this happened so many times this year with me! Worried about things those turned out much better than how I mentally was prepared for. I would have saved so much time I spent with worrying. When you notice a worrying thought, let it pass and focus on past events – when things turned out better – or focus on what if this is the worst situation but there is always a solution. What if the worst happens, that will pass too! Often we invite bad events to our life with our anxious thoughts. The best thing you can actually do is letting go off fearful, worrying thoughts, replacing them with good thoughts, consciously knowing, when you focus on GOOD, only GOOD will come to your way!
  6. It is never too late to get your sh*t together! Again, and again if needed! Life is often like being in a box ring; you got a hit from the left, you hit the floor then you stand up and strike back! Then you get a hit from the right, you get to your knees then you stand up and fight back! Never stay down on your knees, you only have one life, one chance.
  7. Our brain and body is capable for far more than how we imagine. Your body and mind can reach new levels only when you stretch it. Keep challenge yourself mentally and physically. Age is just a number! The important is how old you feel yourself inside, not what the numbers say. Learn a new skill, a new language, start yoga, start Wim Hot breathing and cold shower, do any exercise you feel good with. Do not let your mind and body to settle for longer period, it starts decaying only after a few days when there is no stimulation.What happens with your muscles when no exercise? That happens with your brain too.
  8. Always have Goals! Without having a single goal, your life has no purpose and that would make you feel depressed. Talking about having a goal just to be the best parent of your child/children, a best husband/wife, taking your business to a new level, quitting a job you are not happy with, learning a new skill, being fit again, anything that comes to your mind! Then set that goal and do daily commitment to reach it, never quit until you reach that(unless it serves you no more good any more). Then set a new goal.
  9. Be the most friendly, kind and wise person you ever met with! Be the Superhero in your own movie, called your Life.
  10. It is OK if you planned something but in the middle of reaching that goal, you realise, it is no longer serving you good and you change direction. Don`t hurt yourself for not doing something that is making you ill or sad. Detour and head to a direction that makes you healthy and happy again.
  11. “Traveling is dangerous.” I heard this so many times in 2020-2021 but I have never traveled that much than in these two years! You know what? I have never faced with any danger. I just followed the safety rules (like wearing masks, washing hands often) and replanned when needed. But traveling is STILL possible and fun.
  12. I have never really celebrated my success after reaching a goal in my life. Was just keep going forward and keep reaching new goals. When I was in place when things did not go how I planned, my Ego started hurting, saying I am a failure. Then I drew a timeline of the last 40 years of mine and starting adding my success milestones to this timeline. I realised, I am actually GREAT, I reached so many amazing goals in my life. Then I started comparing how I started and where I am now. It was a moment of WOWWW! Often you need visualising and appreciating what you have done to feel better in a hopeless situation.
  13. Try making the most of situations you think the worst can happen with you. For example when you are forced to be in bed because of an illness, when struggling with a lockdown in the pandemic, when you become unemployed. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use that time given wise; learn a new skill, or just relax and do activities you have never had time for.
  14. You DO NOT need 2 hours gym workout to be fit. 20 mins yoga, 20 mins HIT exercise and 20 mins Wim How breathing exercise + cold shower daily is my new recipe I am going to follow. I already tried this combo and I feel awesome and strong. If you are not into such activities, walk just 30-60 mins daily – it is still better than sitting at home!
  15. To feel better, dress for success. Believe it or not, a nice shower (a warm shower finished with 1-2 mins cold shower) and dressing up into a nice shirt or dress will make you feel better! Being at home and wearing your pyjama all day long will send a message to your mind, you are not ready for the day. Try out working in your pyjama and then in a shirt/dress! Compare the difference. Powerful, isn`t it?
  16. Following diets will not make you healthy and fit, only giving you a temporary result. In order to reach a lifetime lasting result, you MUST change your lifestyle. Eat healthy (more plant-based as possible) and combine with daily exercise. Then you will never have to worry about diets, you will have a lifestyle that will support your demands to feel and look good.
  17. Give feedback to people, both positive and negative. Most people hold their feelings, emotions. A negative feeling shared in a way of assertive, would help that person to think about that matter and change on it. If you do not say it, that person may will never realise that area of improvement. I must admit, I often afraid of saying negative feedback because of confronting with other – but hey, an area of improvement I learnt. Positive feedback is even more important. If somebody impressed you with his/her service at work, you got a special care from somebody, share how that person made you happy and how he/she made you feel special! You would make that person’s day for sure with a beautiful compliment!
  18. You do not need to give expensive gifts to make someone happy. Share your true feelings in a one minute long video/voice/text message with a person you feel thankful for. Often simple things like this would make a person super happy!
  19. Get out of the “Rat race” as soon as possible, live debt free. Read the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series by Robert Kiyosaki. Start investing.
  20. Have daily routines those make your mind and body fit. Choose routines that you can implement without finding excuses.
  21. Let go friends and family members those do not make you feel happy. Do not listen to frightened people. Choose your new friends carefully, who motivate and support you.

Thank you for reading my posts in 2021, I value and appreciate your support. I am wishing you and to your loved ones a Happy New Year! Have this new year your strongest year ever! Love, Zollie

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