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Kifa`s Story

Kifa`s Story

Please allow me to share the story of my friend, Kifa. She is raising her small daughter Aizah in extreme conditions. We met online, in a Penpal group and we started messaging each other. I almost instantly got to know the Hero behind the shadow of sorrow and pain. She is an educated and talented lady but she was born in a country, where things work differently than how got used to it in the West. Behind the success of this blog, there is her hard work too; as she used to work as an English teacher, I employed her part-time at and she reviewed every post to be grammatically correct and even more readable. So with you, reading this blog, you already support not just me (by motivating me), but Kifa and her family in Sri Lanka. As this Blog is non-profit, I cannot provide her the income she needs to cover all her expenses and I would like to ask You now directly, please Donate to her on the below page.

In the beginning of the year, I have decided, I am going to support and motivate her. Some parts of the story of Her life reminded to mine and after a while it became my mission to bring back in her the desire to live happily and go towards her dreams – whatever circumstances she has. She had so many plans, dreams when she was a young girl but a matter of a wrong decision blocked all away. She married to a man, who was not the one she believed going to be. I think this is a common story in many marriages; the partner who appeared ideal, after wearing the wedding ring, starts to decrease the personal values, decreasing the standard in the relationship, starts neglecting the other half. A few months or years later, starts seeking happiness in the arms of other men/women, instead of working on the relationship. In the West, we have options to deal with these situations. In best cases the couple seeks help; a couple-therapy, individual coaching, and/or they learn from self-help books on the topic and make daily improvements. In many cases, the marriage ends with a divorce and both parties start a new life, usually when the couple has no willingness to get things right.

I learned, in some countries, where poverty is everywhere, where religions limit the couple`s capabilities to change, the situation is different. In the West, a divorced woman can start easily a new life without feeling any discrimination from society, while in a Muslim community (for example) this decision can badly effect a woman`s life, that can lead to even excommunicating. Without going deep into this topic, I just want to highlight, in the beginning, I also had my own judgment and suggested my friend, “why don`t you just quit, divorce, and start a new life?”. In fact, starting a life over is much more complicated than this in some countries, like in Sri Lanka.

Kifa`s second child is about to born in January 2022 and she desparately needs some baby clothes, basically anything a baby needs. The money would help her to pay rent for the next months, pay utilities, buy some quality food, vitamins and medicine, maybe some basic furniture, some blankets. The target amount of $1500 would dramatically increase the quality of life of this family. If you can afford to donate any amount, that would be brilliant and much appreciated.

Please Donate here:

Thank you, Zollie

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