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Trust the Universe!

Trust the Universe!

“When you are real, you have infinite hope.”

After months of thinking about how to start, finally I have a small growth group with friends! Twenty of us meditate, grow together. Amazing! Please message me if you want to join. Last month we completed Deepak Chopra`s 21 Days Abundance Meditation Challenge. This program I attended virtually the third time and every time it brings a new experience, a new miracle into my life. Previously, after completing the program, I got back into everyday life and that vibe we created during the 21 days, slowly faded away. This time, I decided, I will keep the high vibration and continue the program! I was a bit selfish when chose which program to continue with, I have chosen the one, that was appeared to be the best remedy to my current personal issues. As I am feeling like living in uncertain times, we started Deepak Chopra`s Hope in Uncertain Times meditation series. Today, we are at Day 5 and I must share some thoughts and content of it, with a hope, this post will bring you much value. Note, I mention “Universe” as I am not very much a religious person and I try to think free from every religions. If you wish, you can replace the word Universe, to God.

Firstly, I learnt today, I was wrong until now! The Universe does not follow my personal wish list! I thought, what I learnt from self-development books so far, the receipt is simple: whatever you want, just say it out loud to the Universe and you create it this way and you will get it, if you remain positive about it. Instead, the Universe will only give you what IS the BEST for you! It has it`s own plan and you cannot overwrite it with your desires. Your desires will only be fulfilled, when it is aligned with the plans of the higher forces above.

Secondly, trust the Universe! The only way to go forward. If you start panicking , worrying about the uncertain, you may will never get what the Universe planned for you. Develop a trust what is described below by Deepak. Please allow me to share my most recent experience when sometimes I lost my trust and started worrying; I will be unemployed, my abundance came to its end! “Trust, you will be guided to the best outcome without expecting to know what that outcome will be or how to get there. The path to fulfillment is unpredictable by its very nature but this doesn`t make it untrustworthy. It makes it interesting and beautiful.”

In May it was announced, my current client is going to end the contract with me end of November – how generous they were with giving this much notice, I am grateful for it! For months, I was feeling ok, I was excited about where my new projects will take us. In September I started having interviews. Until this year, I considered myself one of the best educated and experienced engineer in the field I work but to be honest, I did not train myself in the last 8 years. I knew this but thought, there is still plenty of work for me. In the last 10 years, I only gained work experience but not in the latest technologies. In the world of Cloud, this was a big mistake. With 15 years work experience at large, well-known organizations, I started get rejections – what I did not get in the last 10 years. I soon lost my trust in the Universe, I worried more and more. How will I ever get a new contract?! I applied for roles from Argentina to Hungary, no answer from anywhere. After some interviews, I got the feedback, there is no work for my that would fit to my skillset. Meanwhile one day I was positive, the other day I was pessimist. This time I practiced the Abundance challenge that helped a lot to keep my focus on, the best yet to come! I even started to have business coaching sessions as I felt, I am losing trust and I need help what to do next. Then last week, I got a call, a contract is offered to me in Stockholm! Almost ideal (apart from it is fully on-site) as I can work on new technologies, can learn a bunch of new stuff I will be more competitive with on the job market. The daily rate is close to my expectation as well, plus we planned for a while we want to visit the Nordic region – here we are coming! Conclusions? Why did I spend so many hours with worrying, job hunting, filling my mind with negative thoughts, I am not enough and worthy…I did not find this position in Stockholm, a lady just came out of nowhere on LinkedIn and suddenly I was over on two interviews. If I would have trust the Universe, I could have spent those hours I worried more productive and happy. A reminder for myself and for you, TRUST THE UNIVERSE and calm down!

I will share now below the Day 5 manuscript of the program we are doing now, I find it incredible valuable!

Everyone knows the story of an innovator who was told his discovery was unrealistic, but overcoming conventional thinking is how new possibilities emerge and how yesterday`s unreality becomes today`s reality. Therefore, a better definition of reality would be the field of infinite possibilities. Where there are infinite possibilities there is also infinite hope.

This is not our everyday experience because we limit our personal reality to whatever is safe and predictable. No one can predict what their next thought will be and yet, we try to control the unknown by forcing our story on it. People who consider themselves practical, often believe, hope is impractical and unrealistic. In fact, the opposite is true! Hope is completely realistic because it is based on consciousness as the field of infinite possibilities.

How do we get past the old narrow vision?

  • First, adopt the attitude that the unknown is not your enemy; it`s an opening
  • Seek out new things near the edge of your comfort zone
  • Read visionary writers and scriptures from the world`s wisdom traditions
  • To change your perspective, view yourself as open and welcoming
  • Willing to live in the NOW
  • When an encouraging experience happens, Stop and notice it! Affirm, this reflects your newfound hope and trust in the unknown.
  • Also notice, whenever you repeat yourself using the same old phrases or opinions, when you become of this habit, pause and ask the other person what they think or wait until new words come to mind. You can only change what you`re aware of and when you think and act habitually, you remain unconscious and unaware!
  • Change happens only in the NOW, triggered by self-awareness.

We develop trust by holding hope for a positive outcome, without trying to control it. For many, hope is a constricted demand; like a child who wants a certain toy and won`t be happy with anything else. But the Universe doesn`t work according to a wish list. The force of evolution unfolds through an unrestricted vision, bringing us what we actually need,  not the next ego demand! When you draw upon consciousness as your reality, then hope is open-ended but powerful. Trust, you will be guided to the best outcome without expecting to know what that outcome will be or how to get there. The path to fulfillment is unpredictable by its very nature but this doesn`t make it untrustworthy. It makes it interesting and beautiful.” -Deepak Chopra



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