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Life-changing tips I would give to my younger self

Life-changing tips I would give to my younger self

Life-changing tips before my 40th Birthday.

A Special message to the young generation, who just received their high school diploma, college or university degree.

Today morning I logged into Facebook for a few minutes and the high school I studied had posted photos on handing over final exam certificates. As soon as when I saw this, the first thought popped into my mind, I received mine 21 years ago, when these students were not even born – shocking to see in the mirror sometimes while I do not feel aging, I do! The second thought was a reflection on my own life. Looking back into your life, there’s a big chance you’ll have at least some regrets about decisions you’ve made, paths not taken, or how you behaved when you were too young.

After seeing those photos, I continued my day with my morning yoga where the new idea was born, I must share the regrets and advises I would tell my 20s myself! I am turning into 40 in a month, I think this is a perfect time to share what I have learnt so far in my life and what I did not learn from schools.

Under these three main groups I am going to share my own life experiences: mindset, healthset and financial life.

Mindset: I am grateful for my parents and teachers for what I have learnt from them, but I have not been taught very fundamental basics about life. Until my age of 36 I felt, I lived like a wild animal – driven by emotions and not understanding, not having control over things happening around me; full of negative thoughts made my mind even worse, felt neglected and unlucky. Then I started self-developing myself, prepared my life with positive thoughts when I got fed up about being always frustrated, grumpy and unmotivated. I started to search what is behind these feelings. Was hunting for answers about the purpose of my life, how I can fulfill my desires, how I can be truly happy.

  1. Higher education is fine as the society measure someone’s level when applying for a better job with his studies, nothing wrong with it. But it will not teach you how to live your life happy and how to fulfill every desire you need in your life. Education system sells the idea that your future is depending on a perfect degree and being an employee at a company where you earn a good salary, and you get tons of benefits. Then you work, work and work, have a house, children and that`s life for you. While you study math, literature, biology and other subjects, start reading the books of Rhonda Bryne, Robin Sharma or my recent favourite Jen Sincero`s. So, you will have knowledge about not just science in generally, but about the science of living LIFE fully too.
  2. Act youthful even if you reach your 40s, 50s and more. Getting older is inevitable and so is showing signs of aging. Your skin will develop wrinkles, your hair will go gray, and no matter how hard you try to resist it—your birthday cake will gain a new candle each year. But just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you need to feel older. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do that will make you feel just as amazing if not better! How you felt when you were in your 20s. Live with an air of fun, laugh hard often. It gets rid of stress, boosts your mood, and makes you feel ready to take on your day.
  3. Classmates are fine to keep a contact with but after some time, your life will may no longer be on the same level and you will realize, you are not in the same “boat” with them anymore. Get to know new positive, active, and loving people, who uplift you and they are in a “boat” what you want to be in. Having strong, motivating friendships will push you into new levels in life.
  4. Be honest and noble in everything you do, be the person of excellence. Whatever is your profession, do it with heart and best you can.
  5. Forget fear and ignore when people say, “not possible”. There is nothing called “impossible” if your mind is strong enough to go forward to achieve whatever you want. When you have a dream, do everything possible to make it true, then dream bigger! Don`t worry about how things will work but never give up on trying even if you fail several times, have the confident that you will reach your target soon for sure.
  6. Simplicity. Do not over-complicate your life. Keep it -on every area of your life- simple and minimalist as possible. You will have a relaxed and stress-free life.
  7. Explore, travel and experience. The life is not just what you see only around you, in your hometown or in your country. Travelling to multiple countries will bring you unforgettable memories, life experiences, also it helps to gain extra knowledge about different languages, cultures, people, nature and many more.
  8. Spending time in nature is great for the soul and for helping you feel more energized. Even just going on a walk in a park will recharge your batteries. I often have mini holidays, 2-3 times a week. This means, often just reading a book in my garden or balcony with a glass of drink. Sunbathing, chilling, switching off. If you cannot afford to travel other countries, such mini vacations will help you to find balance and inner peace.
  9. Start journaling! I maintain Two journals: a gratitude – and a bullet (point) journal. In the gratitude journal every morning I write down 10 things in my life I am grateful for on that given day. This really makes a good foundation of my day! My other journal, where I have my plans, goals, trackers (daily feeling and activity trackers, financial tracker, important thoughts and so much more).
  10. Do not be afraid of asking questions. You have the right to ask in any circumstances and in business, it can even bring you new opportunities. 2 years ago, a question I was first afraid to ask, brought me 5k Dollars. Imagine, one simple question!
  11. Languages. Wish I could take more seriously the learning of languages in school! I remember, in school, a language was just another subject. I did not even think about how much value it gives to my life! Nowadays learning English is one of the most valuable asset a person should have. With a fluent English you can have business(es) internationally, you can travel anywhere confidently knowing, somebody will speak a little English there. Without knowing well at least one foreign language, you are very much restricted. You don’t have to go back to school, but taking some classes on a language you’re interested in will do you some good. You can take a group – or private course or you can use the mobile app DuoLingo! 6 months ago, I started learning Spanish on Duo and in Paraguay and Mexico I could ask simple questions when needed. So whenever you get a free time try to make use of it learning something new to improve yourself, especially if it is a new language.
  12. Daily improvements. Remember, small daily improvements lead to stunning results. Learn a language only in 15-30 mins day, do yoga for 15 mins a day, read daily a financial – or self-development book for 30 mins and in long term imagine how much value this gives to your life!
  13. Not living in the moment. This is something I am still practicing. I often had this experience; I visit a nice place, but my mind is worrying on something. Being not present in the moment is a struggle for many people, some not even aware of this. You must bring yourself into the moment consciously, saying yourself, this is the time now to enjoy the moment, have time to worry later!
  14. Talk less, listen more. We often get into the habit ignoring what the other person says. Be a good listener, respect your conversation partner with being an excellent audience.
  15. Do not worry about what other people think, follow your dreams.

Healthset: This is an area I keep experiencing. I am not considering myself extremely fit and healthy but feeling in a good shape and I know, I am capable of improving my health and can eliminate almost any illness with consciousness.

  1. With your mindset you can influence how old you look. If you tell yourself, you are ugly, old, not liked, already on side B etc… you will look like that person you described, and others will look you like that person too! Daily, be nice with yourself, say you are beautiful and young. Every morning I write down in my journal, I am a good-looking guy in his 25th, fit and healthy and giving thanks for that. Recently a lady told me, I am looking like a 25 years old – heh, it worked 🙂
  2. Forget the capabilities of your body is unlimited when you are young. You may feel unbreakable but in your late 30s you will feel the negative effects here and there in your body. Be careful how you lift heavy items in your 20s.
  3. Wish I could start Yoga sooner! Sitting in schools for a good 15 years, then 15 years sitting due to my work, caused me a lot of trouble. I ended up I cannot stretch my legs without pain and cannot bend with flat back without pain. For two years I am doing yoga in the mornings and slowly reducing the damage was made to my body in the last 30 years, mostly because of sitting. If you start doing yoga early, you will reach your 40s and 50s with flexible and painless body. This is guaranteed! The mind-body practice of yoga has been promoted as a way to reduce stress for centuries. Making it a part of your daily—or even weekly—routine will help calm your nerves, increase your strength and flexibility, and make you feel younger and more agile. I can recommend here the DailyYoga app, perfect to get started!
  4. Educate yourself about health-hacks. Wish I would have reduced the amount of meat and dairy consumption when I was young. Try avoiding processed meat and dairy products. Eat moderately using light food. Be open minded with most recent researches about health and wellness.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast. Mornings are busy, but that first meal of the day is super important. Not only eating a protein-packed breakfast is great for weight loss and keep your hunger levels in check, but it can also help you control your sweet and savory cravings throughout the day. Avoiding the excess sugar and salt will do wonders for your body, including making you feel like a young self.
  6. Smoking. Oh, boy! How adult-like I felt when I was smoking in my 18s. Then I got addicted and smoked cigarettes until my age of 33. I quit, when I could not get up from the bed in the morning without coughing and feeling a heavy chest every day. I knew, my body is telling me, ENOUGH. Read my post about how I quit smoking and STOP it today! It can seriously kill you (much worse than this pandemic).
  7. Consider going into plant-based diet or into vegan lifestyle. Read the book “How Not to Die” by Michael Greger. Plant-based diet is getting easier day by day, more shops bring more products, those support this diet. By being vegan, you contribute to save millions of animals just by not eating them during your life. As a vegan person you automatically become more conscious about recycling, green options and cruelty-free life. By cutting the animal related products out of your diet, you’ll lower your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes and feel healthy and youthful. Try it but do your research and read how to start right!
  8. Alcohol. I recently read, the only alcohol does not leave a permanent damage to your liver and your cells is a glass of red wine. No less, no more. Everything else seriously impacts the state of your organs. Be careful how much you drink, how often and what.
  9. Have 7-7.5 hours sleep and wake up early. Start the day positive with meditation, journaling, do yoga and have a healthy breakfast.
  10. You grew up in a life that is driven by technology. You may not even can imagine your life without Social Media. I can tell you something about it after living 20 years with zero technology and then recent 20 years with technology. Life is NOT what you see on the screen! I bet you often compare yourself to the “Instaking” friends you have and you may feel sometimes bad and worthless. Social Media is good to keep in touch with people but imagine how much time you spend with scrolling and looking other people`s life there. That time you can invest into learning a skill and that would take your OWN life to a new level. While others continue showing off their -not entirely- “dream life” on Insta. Read my post about how I quit the habit spending my time on Facebook.
  11. Money is well spent by paying for a service of a life-coach, psychologist or kinesiologist – if you feel mentally stuck with a problem. Even with a few sessions, your trouble in life can go away forever, while others keep themselves in these problems by not taking professional help. One of the best investment in my life and towards my health was seeking help from my coaches.
  12. Do a research on Wim Hof Method! With a daily breathing and cold shower exercise, you can seriously boost your immune system and treat illnesses naturally. This is a new area I am learning about but impresses me a lot.
  13. Your body is your temple. Treat it well, feed it with good quality food and drinks. Exercise daily minimum 30 mins, if it is walking only, let it be.
I made my mistakes in my 20s too…

 Financial life: The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way; learn from those, who are wealthy and already there, where you want to be. There is a “form” what you follow, you can be rich too. This form is not taught in schools but written in books.

  1. Have just one but well-paid work, instead of multiple jobs. However, you can have multiple businesses!
  2. Have no debt or keep it in minimum. Buy stuffs only you can afford, not how much your credit card limit is!
  3. Educate yourself financially. Read the books “The science of getting rich” by Wallace D. Wattles and the “Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Plenty of other books are about how to reduce working hours, have passive income or start a business. Read them over and over.
  4. This is my personal favourite: after trying an average, settled life with mortgage, loans, I soon realized, this is not for me. Between my age of 36-40 I was about reaching financial freedom; not depending on any bank, any government, any countries. I work and live wherever I want. This lifestyle is called vagabonding or Digital Nomad. Do your research on this if you feel, settling down is not for you.
  5. Have savings! It is important. You will never regret to have savings when you face with financial problems. Always save for the time when the worst happens. When you earn more, don`t make the mistake you spend more. Save money and if you have collected enough, you may even can use it to invest and generate more of that.
  6. Help who is in need. Shameful, but until my age of 38, I did not really give away money for those in need (apart from my family). I was so afraid of losing every cent, however I did not consider much about buying a watch for 1500 dollars… Now this mindset changed as I realized, that piece of watch filled me with happiness only for the time being I purchased it and wore once. Nowadays I support charities, helpless people, families, whose life depend on donation that can seriously impact their ability to stay alive and their future. Giving fills me with permanent satisfaction and joy. I also noticed, often when I gave away money, the same amount or multiple of that came back to me from another source! So just remember for this, you can earn more but don`t forget giving away 5-10% of your income and you will make a big difference in the World.
  7. Learn about investments. My personal favourite investing platform is “Crypto currencies”.
  8. Being an employee is safe but you work for somebody`s dream life. You can consider having your own business that contributes to your own dream life! Owning a business comes with responsibilities but what a nice feeling sending yourself salary as much and as often you want!
  9. Forget the sentence “I cannot afford it.” You can! Wealth is available for everybody but most people keep themselves poor with such thoughts. You need to learn -as everything in life-, how to manage your finances properly.

Hope sharing these thoughts will help you. Not saying these tips are all for you, but learn from my mistakes, not on yours. Be your Own Boss and I wish you a successful life!

I need your help! Please share this page with your friends, spread the word and help them start right in Life. I would also appreciate your comment below about which tip(s) you like the most and why.

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